Phytoalexin Complex 2000

Phytoalexin Complex 2000 contains fruit and fruit peel concentrates high in specific phytonutrients that, in the past, were sufficiently available in our fruit and vegetables but nowadays can only be found in significant amounts in organic fruit and vegetables.

Biochemical function:

Phytoalexins are defensive substances (antibiotics) produced by plants, protecting the plant from mould, viruses, bacteria, ultraviolet light and insects. Plants only produce phytoalexins in large quantities if needed. Because conventionally grown fruit and vegetables are treated with fungicides and other pesticides, their phytoalexin content is usually low. This is disadvantageous because certain phytoalexins (the so-called salvestrols) have powerful cell-protecting properties and support the body in its efforts to maintain health of cells and tissue.
After enzymes like superoxide dismutase (an enzyme protecting certain cells from the reactive oxygen compound superoxide) and antioxidants like vitamin C, salvestrols form a third barrier to free radicals. Salvestrols are only produced if antioxidants fail to protect the organism.


Natural sources:

Organic fruit and vegetables still contain adequate amounts of phytoalexins or rather salvestrols. In conventionally grown and pesticide-treated fruit and vegetables, phytoalexin content is drastically reduced.


The 2000 is an index specifying the amount of phytoalexin or salvestrol in dietary supplements and food. The strength varies from one phytoalexin to the next. The scale of the rating system is based on the calculation of phytoalexin and salvestrol amounts as found in the regular diet more than one hundred years ago. This amount corresponds to 100 points. Due to the manifold changes in agriculture and food industry, salvestrols in our food have been diminishing.


Auxiliary ingredient:

Microcrystalline cellulose


Suggested use:

2 capsules per day, more in situations of increased need


Package contents:

60 capsules veg.